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Mobcaster is the first ever crowd-funded television channel.

By combining a crowd-funding platform with an online television channel, Mobcaster is the first and only place to find original, independent, audience-supported television shows.

Find, fund and view great TV

It gives aspiring and experienced TV makers a platform to fund, broadcast and monetize their TV shows.  Using Mobcaster’s crowd-funding platform and social media tools, TV makers can build their audience and fund their productions.  Audiences can pledge directly to the TV shows they want to see instead of being flooded with unwanted content through expensive cable packages.

Crowd-funded and open

Through Mobcaster any aspiring TV maker can pitch a TV show free of cost.  If the TV makers have audience support and reach the funding goal they themselves have set within the timeframe they themselves have established they get to produce their pilot.  If they don’t, no money changes hands, no TV show is produced.  It's that simple.  With their pilot in hand, they can then go through the same process to fund a season.  Shows successfully funded for a season (or more!) can then broadcast on Mobcaster TV where the TV makers can get compensated for their work, sharing 50/50 in advertising revenues.

No agents or studio heads

Mobcaster was started to empower independent TV makers.  They get to pitch their material directly to their audience, eliminating the roadblocks of the traditional TV system and ensuring they control their own material.  Unlike the TV networks, Mobcaster does not interfere with the creative process.  TV makers dictate how and what to produce, with the audience, and the audience alone, to please.

Completely independent

Mobcaster has no ties to any network, studio, distributor or agency.  Our only allegiance lies with the TV makers, their audience and the pursuit of creating great TV shows!

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