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About This Project


Our dreams have two natures.

The first type make sense of our everyday lives - our subconscious processing our experiences, hopes and fears.

Then there are the others; dreams of dark figures, both haunting and seductive. Without any root in our daily existence, their details slip away on waking. Some call these our collective unconscious; a symbolic substratum shared by everyone. But what if these figures are something more; fleeting images of a parallel world - real, tangible, concrete - which we can only glimpse through our dreams?

What if someone finds a way to open a passage from our world to the one beyond our dreams?  


Tell me your dreams, I'll tell you where you going”.

With this sentence Lou welcomes late night phone calls from the lonely and the desperate. Working as dream interpreter, DocDream, for a sleazy cable TV channel, his job is not difficult; he just tells people what they want to hear. He'll never get rich this way but it's enough. It's strange to think - a while ago he was a leading psychotherapist exploring the themes of alchemy and symbolism...

But he went too far. He discovered ancient texts which claimed the mysterious figures of our dreams were expressions of a real world, called The Border. These postulated that some people have the ability to control their dreams, identifying the symbolic figures and creating passages towards our world. These figures are called Keys - and they grant access to the world of the gods. The idea seduced Lou and made him renounce everything else.

After long research Lou managed to discover such a Key, a boy, through which he gained not just access to the world beyond, but even managed to bring one of the Border creatures into our reality. This creature, which takes the form of an 18 years old boy, named himself Shane. He doesn't grow old, and he has tree branches instead of one hand.

Then things got out of control - the Key died and Shane found himself trapped on this side of existence. Lou tried to send him back, but every attempt turned into failure.

From that moment on, Shane hated Lou for what he did to him. Consumed with guilt, Lou's life broke apart and the pain of what happened made him abandon his research. 

But today something has changed.

Shane claims to have found a new Key, and needs Lou's help to get back home. This Key is Kate, a young stay-at-home mum, trapped in an everyday routine with two kids and a husband always away for work. Kate's only escape is lucid dreaming. This is how she met Shane; attending Awakeners meetings, a New Age support group who share their dreams and experiences.

Lou has to walk again the paths of alchemy to train Kate to be a Key, but soon discovers that the Awakeners are not what they seem - and that more people want to get their hands on the Key...


James Bryce -  LOU 
James Bryce's acting career has encompassed over 100 theatre productions, 300 radio broadcasts, 70 talking books and 30 Television/film productions. As a composer, he has written for theatre, radio and for the concert hall. His co-written musical “Whisky Kisses” toured Scotland in 2010, and he has penned radio scripts for BBC education.

Rosie MacPherson - KATE  
A rising star, Rosie just finished Before I Go to Sleep (Scott Free Productions), acting opposite to Nicole Kidman and Mark Strong. Rosie is also featured in several BBC (Represent, Ideal) and Channel4 (What’s the Story?) productions.

Daniel Watson  -  SHANE
With credits such as Film4 production SightSeers, Daniel made his TV debut with Byker Grove, he has been training in performing arts for years and he is quickly establishing himself as an actor.



Border Queen is a 45 minute pilot that blends together urban thriller and dark fantasy.

It’s an ambitious project involving a large team of industry professionals, artists and volunteers from Italy and the UK. People that now need your help to achieve their goal: a finished pilot with original music and state of the art CGI.

Once the pilot is completed we will send it to major broadcasters with a sole ambition: find supporters that believe in our project and will fund a whole series.

Help us make our dream come true!

Please help us spread the word by sharing the campaign page and the video!


We are a group of passionate, professional filmmakers, with a genuine love for top class TV series.

Stefano Nurra, co-creator and co-director, graduated as MFA Film Directing, has recently completed a short sci fi film, Neon Ghosts, which already won Award of Merit at The Indie Fest, it's in Official Selection at FantaFestival Rome, and is a Short Student Film Gold Remi Winner at WorldFest Houston.

Fabio Paladini, co-creator and co-director, is a professional TV series screenwriter with credits for Fox and Disney Channel. He recently finished writing and directing SOMA, a webseries winner of five awards at LAWebFest (including best direction in SciFi category), Official Selection at Marseille WebFest, and a Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston.

Anita Norfolk, producer, worked for four years in animation for video games developer Rockstar North on titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and L.A. Noire, before returning to university to study a second master's degree in film directing. Since then she has worked as an independent director and producer, including contributing a clip to Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas.



About the Creators

Border Films London

Border Films is a new UK-based production company bringing together award-winning talent from animation, live-action, VfX and documentary. BorderQueen is Border Films' greeting card in entertainment industry.