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Frequently Asked Questions About Funding

Do I need a PayPal account?

Yup, with a credit card or PayPal balance. Funding larger amounts need Verified PayPal accounts.

So by funding that makes me an Exec?

That's right! Funding a show makes you an Exec for that show, which means you have access to exclusive rewards and updates from the Showrunners, and will have helped make an independent television show!

How do I fund a show?

Just enter the amount you'd like to contribute and choose the reward you'd like to receive. Then, click "Continue To Payment Info" and you'll be taken to PayPal where you can log in and enter your credit card info and contribute to the show!

How much can I fund?

The most you can fund at one time is $5,000 USD. If you'd like to pledge more simply contribute again.

When am I charged?

Only once the show's funding period is over and the show has successfully reached its funding goal.

What happens if the show I've funded doesn't reach its goal?

Then the Exec pays nothing and the show is not produced through Mobcaster.

How do I get my reward?

The Showrunner for the show will contact you if funding is successful to either fulfill your reward or to get additional info for the reward fulfillment, if necessary.